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Young Creative and Empowered

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Young, creative and empowered is a platform for young people to develop, improve and express their skills and talents that will prepare them for life, encourage them in their academics and develop confidence for life

Healthy Earth

For thousands of years, the earth’s temperature has always been stable. Since the start of the industrial resolution (1760) it has shot up alarmingly than ever before! This effect is known as Global Warming!

Scientists have discovered the source of the problem: You, you, you and… er.. me! The good news is that, it is us human beings that can fix the problem.  We should, because we are all powerful to impact the earth’s climate

Young Creative and Empowered

When the temperature rises, there are bad consequences such as…

  • Prolonged Rainfall
  • Bad Storms
  • Heatwaves/Wild Fires
  • Flooding
  • Extreme Drought
  • Sea Level Rising

What Does Climate Change Mean & How Does It Affect Us?

During the 2021 summer break, our young people learnt filmmaking, cinematography and we produced this short film titled "The Blind Date"