What We DO

What We Do

Providing help and support to parents and establishing better relationships between parents and professionals.

The aim of Little People’s World is to provide holiday activities and events and trips for families.


Volunteering will mean you are making a difference directly or indirectly to the children and parents we work with.


Partnership work with other service providers to increase engagement and participation in services.


We provide series of holiday events and trainings for parents and children. This is done through the provision of family learning activities and events focusing on promoting: education/life-long learning, nutrition/health, arts, sports/fitness and cultural celebration and parent skills development



Our Mission

To encourage and provide support services and activities for parents and carers of young children · To provide training programmes for families and communities that will build and develop their skills in the home, community and work place. · To work in partnership with service providers in order to increase engagement and participation in services.


We provide fun and educative activities for children and young people across our centres.

Face Painting

Term break activities for children

Bead Making

Term break activities for children

Dance / Sporting Activities

Term break activities for children

Holiday Trips / Outings

Term break activities for children

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Upcoming Programs

stories of change



A 10-week dress making course focusing on freehand cutting patterns as opposed to the conventional dressmaking pattern.  


To enable parents develop skills that can lead on to further training and employment and to encourage positive change and enable parents to realise their potential and fulfil their goals.

Our Workshop

My Child and Me


A 4 – week pilot programme for parents from the BAME community looking at early intervention for parents when children are younger, to prevent mental health issues in adolescence.  


  • The overall aim is to ensure that parents have the capacity and support to understand the need of preventive measures where mental health issues are concerned.
  • To provide parents and carers with:
    the basic understanding of what mental health issues
  • The understanding of different mental health issues in children
  • The understanding of the roles of schools in the mental health wellbeing
    of children
  • The understanding of the role of parents in the mental health wellbeing of
    their children
  • The understanding the role of emotions
  • The understanding of coping mechanisms

We've Joined Forces

We're serving more. Because of you.

We are very grateful for the generosity of the individuals, groups, businesses, foundations and friends that partner with us in supporting family with children