My Journey: From Little Peoples’ World to Parents Skills 2Go by Sandy

From Little Peoples’ World to Parents Skills to Go

How it Started: I found out about Little Peoples’ World through a publicity flyer for a day coach trip to Butlins in 2010. My daughter at the time was only 9 months old. We went on this day-trip, along with a family friend, my adult niece and her 4 year old daughter.


I felt so welcomed by Margaret Taribo (organisation founder) and the other parent volunteers. My family and I had an amazing time on this trip!


Whilst on this trip, Margaret and I spoke about my occupation (Adult Social Care), prior to taking an extended career break to have and raise my daughter to school age. Margaret welcomed me to join Little Peoples’ World as a volunteer, which I did.


Later, my role adapted to being the Coordinator of the Volunteers.  My duties also included, supporting a number of family sessions including ‘stay and play’, fund-raising events like the spring fair, the marking of black history month and the annual summer coach trips. Equally, I supported the group in grant applications and any other duties required by the Treasurer or Founder.


Whilst volunteering I had the opportunity to undertake training, including gaining an accredited qualification in volunteering.


What next:


I immensely enjoyed volunteering and coordinating the other volunteers. In fact, when my daughter started primary school, I returned to paid employment with a national charity as a Volunteer Coordinator for a Parent Mentoring Project. I continued to work in Volunteer Management right up till autumn 2019, at which time I decided to retrain.


Where I am today:


Like most of us, 2020 was derailed by Coronavirus! The significant part of that year for me was spent home-schooling my daughter and all my other professional plans were halted. However, I continued to volunteer as the Secretary of my TRA (Tenant & Residents Association); making obvious adaptations to ensure this was possible. I am currently training to volunteer with the British Red Cross on their helpline for a few hours every week.


Since the autumn of 2020, I have been doing some paid, ad-hoc, sub-contracting assessment work for the Civil Service.


In Autumn 2020, I started my two year teacher-training course, which I am greatly enjoying. Once qualified, the intention will be for me to teach FE college students Health & Social Care (and Sociology as my secondary subject).




Over the last 10 plus years, I have upheld a good relationship with Margaret Taribo and I have found our reciprocal support for one another heart-warming and of great benefit.


My daughter, who was 10 years old at the time, attended some in-centre Parent Skills to Go sessions in the summer of 2020. The sessions were run really safely. Masks were worn, hand-washing and sanitizer use were encouraged and each child was given materials for their use only (not to be shared).


My daughter, participated in the money-wise session, which helped her gain basic money management skills and later on guiding us when opening her first bank account.


My daughter also attended the music class, which she greatly appreciated especially being properly introduced to the piano keyboard. So much so, it has given her a passion for playing this instrument. As a result, for Christmas I bought her a full-sized, upstanding keyboard and I am currently looking into piano lessons for her to take in the near future.


Lastly, my daughter attended the fun-in-the-park picnic session. She had a great time playing rope-skipping and cards with other children her own age-range. In fact, she developed a friendship with one particular girl and they have continued stayed in touch via WhatsApp ever since.


I am an avid champion of family services; they have certainly helped me and my daughter immensely. I continue to show support in any little way I can, whether that is making a small monetary donation to the group or ‘liking’/commenting on their Facebook page.


I hope many families in the future will continue to benefit from their services and I wish them continued future success.

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  • Femi says:

    Sandy, your journey with Parent Skills2Go is encouraging. This is great to know that volunteering has helped you and your daughter progress well in your dreams and aspirations.

    Well done.

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