Colourful Creation by Debbie

colourful creations

Do you ever wonder how colourful the world is? With beautiful girls and cool boys in their unique skin colours of black, white, yellow, brown, and many more. Different animals in their own distinct colours add glamour to the beautiful world of creation. 

Imagine if we are all colour green, then we will all be as green as peas and almost eat our fingers when eating our peas. 

Hmmnn, what if we all are blue, “what” will we all be like, taking a dive into the deep blue sea, and the sky will be hard to see. 

Guess what! The plants are not left out. We have got them in different colours that makes them beautiful and unique. 

Looking how beautiful and colourful the world is with different people, plants and animals made in their unique colours and characters, I stopped to ponder, what a Great creation we have in the world. The world will not be complete without you and I. 

colourful creations

Candy on Holiday and New Friends on the Block

It’s a new week, I am going to have a memorable time with my friends. Do you want to meet my friends? Oh, I guess you do.  So you know, I meet my friends during breakfast time, lunch time, and dinner time. Sometimes I even get to see them during snack time. 

Hmmm mm wait for it, I have lots of colourful friends and they make me happy in and out. I can make different patterns with my friends on my plate and even mix and match them for a thrill. 

My bestie is carrot, its colour is as cool as the evening sun, sometimes I mix it with slices of cucumber, sweet corn and peas. My plate is full of my colourful friends, i never want to miss. 

At snack time, I get my oranges, plums, and grapes. Sometimes I choose by sizes, and sometimes by colours. Every time I meet my friends, I smile all the way. This makes me always remember that my old friend is still on holiday.

Candy was my favourite, until I met my new friends (fruits and vegetables). Lollipop, candy, bubble gum always stuck with me before they went for holiday, but now that they are gone I have never had to have a belly ache, or being told off by the dentist. Now I wish my old friend never comes back from holiday!!!!

What do you think?

Eating fruits and vegetables is very healthy, substitute every candy, lollipop, chocolate for fruits and vegetables.


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